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December 18, 2012

February 4, 2009

The Caucasian Volkodav as well as its native brother, The Central Asian Volkodav differ from other dog breeds in that Volkodav do not grow out man made selection activity. For this reason, Volkodav remain virtually unchanged for the past, authentically known, three millennia. Sometimes it is possible to read or hear that this or that breed, being the descendant of ancient dogs, totals thousands of years of history. Here we deal, forgive my frankness, either with outright lies, stretching of the truth or with unfair advertising. It is possible to consider, that all dogs are descendants of the wolf (as the majority of researchers are inclined conclude,) and from the wolf has arisen as a kind… for example, the Doberman terrier or the Rizenschnauzer which totals ten millennia… As a breed!

Certainly, it is nonsense. Most factory modern (pedigree) breeds of dog have 100-200 years history. Volkodav truly arose 3 – 4 millennia ago, by virtue of historical and natural nuances and have not undergone purposeful changes on the part of mankind.

Being a Molosser, they share a common ancestor with European Moloss- mastino, mastiff, Bullmastiff, etc. by virtue of the Asian origin. These distinctions are as much physical, they are mental.

Naming these dogs “sheep-dogs”, we, by and large, offend them with the main attributes of sheep-dogs – obedient, complaisant, concentration on the person and its needs – but possessing not the slightest attitude to wolfs.

These “the sheep dogs” (sheep-dogs), or more truly “shepherd’s” dogs (chabanskie, Volkodav), are independent, aggression, demonstrate a high level of intractability and possess immense physical strength.

Strange business: we hesitate to employ the name “Volkodav” though the Irish never blinked an eye; we did not carry out officially the name “kavkazets” unlike Labrador, “Rottweiler”, “Newfoundland dogs”, etc.

Excerpts from:
You have bought a Volkodav” – V.Vysotsky, A.Gavriljuk
Magazine “Your Dog Business